- Max. stroke 18.0" (457.2mm)

- Max. chuck opening 13.0" (330.2mm)

- Max. swing 36.0" (914.4mm)

- Max. crank weight 10,000 lbs. (4545 kg) Dual end supports included.

- Carriage travel 150.0" (3810mm)

- Handles crankshafts up to 300.0" (7620mm) by turning end for end. Note: right end of machine trough shaped to allow unrestricted rotation of cranks over 150.0 ” (3810mm)

- Floor space required 92" x 220" (2236mm x 5588mm)

- No lead screw cross slides to adjust.

- No counter weights to set.

- Semi automatic oil hole bumper.

- Automatic stroke indicator permits precise reading in approximately 10 sec.

- Automatic step-up and step-over of torch for preset weld spacing on thrust, radius and journal surfaces.

- Change from rods to mains in less than 5 seconds, without wrenches.

- Digital meters control deposit height and width.

- Electronic indicator for proper rotation speed.

- Dual wire feed for automatically switching from journal wire to radius wire.

- Automatic, ultra quiet flux recovery system.

- Crankshaft buildup kit to match or exceed OEM specs for hardness and flexibility of automotive crankshafts.