Stop and take 60 seconds to think about your future. What you do today will affect you tomorrow … In Business, it’s called investing.

Make sure you invest for your future … Purchase STATE-OF-THE-ART equipment that can handle future growth … so you don’t find yourself investing again sooner than planned … “Investing a few more dollars today” can save you thousands of dollars tomorrow.

Here’s why Gleason Crankshaft Build Up machines is “THE STATE OF THE ART” in crankshaft welding versus less expensive competitive machines though out the World.


Rod set up time – Less than 2 minutes Approximately 10 minutes

Change from rods to mains in less than 5 seconds Approximately 10 minutes

Production capability is double versus competition (up to 60 journals a day) in an 8 hour day. Production capability has not increased in over 25 years.

Floor space minimal. Twice as much as new style Gleason.

Submerged arc welding is “state of the Art” technology. Short arc is outdated technology.

Motorized thrust build up. Manual thrust build up.

Hardness control dual wire feed circuit for diesel welding. None

Digital electronic surface speed indicator for accurate crankshaft rotation speed. None

Gleason build custom made power supply (specifically designed for submerged arc crankshaft welding) Esab/Lincoln – Hobart/Miller Power Supply (power supply was not designed for crankshaft welding).

Self cleaning automatic torch system. None

Automatic flux recovery system. Manual flux recovery system.

Accurate digital meters for deposit height and width. Analog Volt and AMP meter

Semi-automatic oil hole weld skip eliminates plugging hole. Oil holes must be plugged (often causes defects in finish ground journals).

2-3 day factory training by Gleason Process Technician – included with Domestic Sales – extra charge for Export. Representative Trains (often knows very little about crankshaft welding).

Standard equipment package – Gleason supplies everything required to weld cranks – there is very little optional equipment even offered. Very limited amount of standard equipment included.

2 year warranty Not Known

Gleason provides stuffers and marketing material to announce machine in your area. None Available

The “Gleason Process” crankshaft rebuilding kits (wire & flux) are especially formulated for each application. No exclusive materials or process used.

Higher Resale Value – The gleason “M” Series have had many of the advanced features for the past 15-20 years. The competitors used machines are worth very little because they lack the features of a Gleason and are too slow.

*M-2 included as standard equipment – optional on M-1


Gleason “M” Series emits no fumes or gases – machine can be placed anywhere in the shop because there is no visible ultraviolet arc. Noxious fumes and ultraviolet radiation known to cause cancer – machine must be carefully placed to avoid damage to co – workers eyes due to ultraviolet rays.

No tinted glasses needed while operating the
“M” series.
Welding mask and special leather clothing needed.

Air conditioning can be operated or fans can be used around machine without any problems. Any form of ventilation such as air conditioning or fans will blow away welding gas, causing porosity.

Welding is very comfortable all year round for operator – no special protective clothing required. Protective wear and welding helmet becomes intolerably hot for operators during summer months

“M” Series is equipped with a 7/16″ Slim Line Torch – much easier to weld narrow joints. Gas nozzle is awkward to use in radius areas of small narrow journals.

Dust Control System controls all flux dust to an absolute minimum. Not available, operator breathes dust/fumes caused by welding.

Dust/Oil tight electrode wire spool storage cabinet keeps wire clean. Wire is exposed to dirt and rust contamination – expensive wire is often wasted.

Flux powder is nearly 100% efficient. Any used flux turns to slag – unused flux is collected and recycled. Short arc shielding gas is expensive and not recyclable by user.