Enormous Benefits

Having a Gleason Crankshaft Rebuilding Machine, and using The Gleason Process, means you can expect consistent, successful, rebuilding. Without the hassle or the headaches!

Your customers will immediately notice the beautiful appearance of their rebuilt cranks. And, greatly lengthened engine life from your rebuilds. Word of mouth from these excited customers will also help increase your business.

Time-saving set ups for production quickly bring extra profits to Your company. Simplified operation also lowers stress for your employees, further increasing production volume and profits.

Superior Results Are Automatic

With The Gleason Process and Gleason equipment, your finished results will automatically be better.

In fact, you’ll achieve results you can always be proud of. Even if a crankshaft journal has been excessively worn, or the hardness burned out, it’ll be no problem to rebuild to original OEM specs, or better, with your Gleason equipment.

Generally, both wearability of the journal surface, and flexibility of the radius far exceed manufacturer’s specifications. Not just for automotive crankshafts, but also for the most demanding, induction hardened, heavy equipment shafts as well.

Gleason Process kits and equipment take the guess work out of crankshaft rebuilding. An exclusive combination of unique welding materials and special application methods fuse these special alloys cleanly to the damaged journals.

Heavy Duty Diesels? NO PROBLEM!

In the past, most rebuilders stayed away from the very profitable truck and heavy equipment cranks. They were discouraged by previously unreliable methods.

Not today! With Gleason, you confidently tap into the higher profits of heat treated diesel crankshafts. Virtually every kind of induction hardened crankshaft can be successfully rebuilt using the “turn-key” Gleason Process and a Gleason M-2 or M-3 Rebuilding Machine.

Caterpillar, Komatsu, Detroit Diesel, International Harvester, Cummins, and practically any other heavy duty diesel shaft can be handled routinely with your Gleason equipment. This includes late model induction hardened fillet radius type shafts.

Remember All That Set Up Tinkering?

Before Gleason M-Series machines, crankshaft rebuilding required extensive set up procedures each time a shaft was changed.

Every job required considerable fiddling and balancing of counter weights to handle journal stroke offset. Each set up could cost the rebuilder a minimum of 15 minutes, but more likely 30 minutes. A costly, but necessary procedure in the past. A totally wasteful procedure today. Set up on a Gleason Rebuilding Machine takes only 2 or 3 minutes.

As a result, you’ll typically handle twice the number of crankshaft journals each day, compared with other types of machines. Gleason Equipment uses a totally unique, patented, method of following the offset of the crankshaft journals with the welding torch.

This permits the crankshaft to turn in the same balanced position as it was designed for in the engine – on its center line. Distortion from heat expansion is never a problem when welding with your Gleason. The shaft is held only at one end while the other end rides on roller bearings allowing the shaft to expand and contract naturally.

This technique essentially eliminates the chance of a shaft falling out and possibly injuring the operator (a relatively common occurrence with competitive machines).

Set The Stroke In Seconds

On your Gleason, setting the stroke on a crank takes a quick 5-10 seconds, not the frustrating 5-10 minutes typical of competitive machines.

Simply read the stroke on the built-in indicator, adjust the stroke slide to match, and tighten the hand screw. No wrenches. No complications. It’s perfectly accurate, and you’re ready to weld.

Simple And Comfortable

The submerged arc method is used to produce a superior weld. This process offers important advantages to the operator.

The welding tip is completely covered with flux powder, therefore, no uncomfortable welding mask or special clothing is necessary. Regular air flow from fans or air conditioning can be directed on the operator without danger of compromising the weld quality.

Welding technique on your Gleason equipment is also exceptionally easy. And, even the torch and wire feed system are automatically cleaned of accumulated dust each time you move the carriage to another journal.

Uncomplicates the Complicated

The Gleason Process Kits eliminate the guess work in selecting proper wire and flux combinations for optimum rebuilding. Fine adjustments can be made on easy-to-read gauges for proper weld deposit height and width (available on M-2 or M-3 only).

These proper arc characteristics are critical for successfully welding heat treated, or nodular cast iron crankshafts.

These characteristics can be consistently obtained because your Gleason equipment is the only welder to utilize a specially engineered, custom power supply. Thrust welding is automatic with motorized, step-up weld spacing.

Each journal radius is also handled automatically by pre-setting step-up and step-over torch spacing. Simply flipping a switch allows the operator to automatically change from radius wire to journal wire with the built-in Dual Wire Feed System (optional on M-1).

Rotation speed for welding each crankshaft is easily and precisely timed by using the Digital Rotation Speed Indicator. No guess work, as on other machines.

Forget Plugging Oil Holes

Traditional methods of using carbon or ceramic plugs or paste, to prevent welding up oil holes or key ways, cause serious defects in a large percentage of rebuilds.

Gleason’s system eliminates these problems completely. Our exclusive Oil Hole Bumper Circuit enables you to completely avoid plugging any hole or keyway 1/8″ (3.175 mm) or larger. The bumper circuit permits the operator to precisely stop the welding arc as it passes over the hole.

No more defects. And no wasted time plugging and redrilling. Stroking crankshafts is greatly simplified with this useful Gleason feature. By welding only on the desired side of the journal, hours of grinding time and material can be saved.

Boost Profits With Improved Efficiency

Since every journal rebuilt on your Gleason Machine saves from 1 to many extra minutes of unnecessary and difficult labor, your Gleason equipment quickly pays its own way. Then leaves extra income for your company.

This is accomplished without sacrifice. Customers are happier because their results are drastically improved. Employees are happier since their complications are greatly reduced. And you’ll be happier when you see increased profits for your company.

Gleason. A Company That Knows Its Business – And Yours.

For more than three decades, Gleason Engineering, Inc. has exclusively served, only one type of business – the crankshaft rebuilding industry.

It is our only business, and we know it better than any other manufacturer. Our products are the finest. And our reputation is the most respected in the industry.

Gleason has earned this goal by continuous research and development resulting in solid, dependable products. Hundreds of thousands of crankshafts, for virtually every application, have been successfully rebuilt with the thousands of Gleason Rebuilding Machines across the United States, and around the world.

Gleason products are engineered while keeping one eye on simplifying operator headaches – and the other eye on increasing your rebuilding profit picture.

Exclusive Patent Protection Others Only Wish They Had

After years of research, development, and testing Gleason has developed a unique crankshaft rebuilding system.

We patented it so no one else could pretend to offer you something similar. Gleason’s approach is very different – and so are the outstanding results you will come to expect.

More Than Machines

Gleason doesn’t stop with the equipment, we offer a complete system to simplify your jobs. With the exclusive Gleason Process you won’t be left on your own to try to find the right combinations of wire, flux, pre or post heat temperatures, and on and on.

Gleason becomes your partner in providing everything you need to successfully rebuild automotive, truck, and heavy equipment crankshafts. And, not only as good as original O.E.M. specifications – in most cases, results far exceed those specs for both wearability and flexibility without the pits, cracks, and soft journals you’ve experienced in the past.

You’ll also have the capability to weld other high profit, industrial oriented jobs with your Gleason equipment, such as rollers, splined shafts, etc. with our selection of exclusive specialty kits.

Training From The Experts

Genuine Gleason factory technician training is available on site world wide. Call or email us for a complete quotation.

Twice The Warranty

Even the warranty on your Gleason equipment is unique. Instead of the expected one year warranty on parts and labor, Gleason offers two full years.

What About Costs

If you were to try to compare Gleason Crankshaft Rebuilding Machines to other manufacturers, you would be up against a major road block.

Because of our patent, No other company can come close to the abilities of a Gleason. Yet, the good news is that Gleason products remain competitive in price with the uncomparables.

A further point to keep in mind the extras don’t cost extra with your Gleason. Obviously, you’ll need accessories and supplies to assure optimum results. Yet, unlike other manufacturers, Gleason won’t nickel and dime you to death for these necessities.

In fact, you’ll receive thousands of dollars in extras from Gleason – without paying extra!